Add beauty and hygiene to your corporate space with professional office cleaning services

Most employees prefer working in clean offices which they can be proud of. A neat and sanitized office assists in de-cluttering the minds of employees thus making them work more proficiently. Researchers have found that a neat workplace increases productivity since staff members can concentrate better. Moreover, a well-maintained business center can create long lasting impressions on clients that regularly visit the place. Visitors automatically relate clean offices to quality work and untidy ones to sloppiness. Before starting the process, you need to make a professional checklist showing which parts of the room should be worked on and what materials are needed.

It’s not logical to perform this task on your own especially when the process can interfere with normal working hours. Most people prefer hiring professional commercial cleaning firms at a small fee, do some research on various companies available before choosing the best. Below are some places that can be considered:

1. Entry desk, reception and lobby. They are the first places a visitor sees upon entering the office and that’s why it’s essential keep them clean. To maintain them the following simple steps can be taken.

a) Dust all furniture in the room

b) Remove clutter and accumulated dust particles

c) Clear out all garbage bins

d) Wipe and polish table glass frames

e) Prune and water potted plants that may be present in lobby area

f) Arrange magazines and other paperwork in neat piles

g) Dust all couches and curtains

h) Vacuum the lobby floors and reception area

i) Spray a cool air freshener to add some scent in the room


2. Kitchen area. Most modern offices have small kitchenettes where employees often get their fresh supply of coffee every morning. Maintaining this area is not only good for general hygiene but the health of workers as well.

a)Clean the counters, sink and floors through wiping them with sanitary towels

b) Wipe the fridge and stove

c) Remove food and drink remains from the microwave, this should be done both in the inside and outside.

d) Clean all cabinets and shelves

e)Swab the walls for food spills or oil marks, particularly those found behind the cooking stove.


3. Washrooms. They need to be cleaned at least once in a day since people use them frequently; when not well-maintained the lavatories can emit pungent smells that can drive visitors away. The process also helps in preventing contagious diseases like typhoid which are caused by poor hygiene. Good office cleaning firms should use products that are environmentally–friendly, this ensures that plants in the surrounding are not damaged by harmful chemical wastes. There are other miscellaneous areas in the office that are easy to forget. Remember to dust all blinds, sills and light fixtures. Office cleaning companies can also be booked online for great convenience. You can visit your favorite firm’s websites to learn more about this service, also take advantage of this opportunity to ask them any questions you have concerning the topic. Some firms have flexible payment systems that are client-friendly, for instance they may accept payment in simple and manageable installments.

For a detailed office cleaning checklist, click here.

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