The Need for Maid Services

Our lives have become so busy that there is no quality of life left. We may have collected innumerable amenities that make life comfortable and housework easier, yet our demanding schedules make it impossible to find some leisure time despite all the sophisticated gadgets at hand. Life seems to consist only of responsibilities and a to-do-list. We owe it to ourselves and to our family to find time to spend at least a few relaxing moments with our loved ones. What one really needs is a maid service in San Antonio TX to take the stress out of one’s life. The general perception regarding maid services is that they are expensive and meant for large houses or commercial properties, but the reality is quite different. Today, they have become quite affordable and offer a variety of services as per the customer’s requirements. You can opt for occasional cleaning services as and when you need them or fix a certain number of visits such as weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on how frequently you would like them to clear up. The choice is entirely in your hands. Some people utilize cleaning services only when there is a special occasion such as a party or when they are moving. But a maid service is useful only if it delivers on its promise of an efficiently cleaned house. With our maid service in San Antonio TX you can be sure that there would be no sloppy jobs. After all, what is the point of hiring a maid service if you have cause for complaint or end up doing half the work yourself?

You have the option of providing a checklist of the work that you would like to have done. This ensures that nothing is left out. The maid completes your check list or you can set an hourly schedule where the maid works till her time is up taking up tasks according to the priority you have set. The cleaning services provided by our maids include an extensive list of jobs like cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens, cleaning, mopping or vacuuming the floor, cleaning countertops, mirrors, appliances and so on. Besides this, it includes cleaning blinds, air ducts, baseboards, ceiling fans and every other such item that needs to be cleaned. Our dusting also includes woodwork and furniture, changing bed linen if specified and so on. The idea is to leave nothing for you to do. Additional services such as cleaning knick knacks, lamps, cabinets can also be provided on extra charge if you so desire. Bella Maids service in San Antonio TX is not limited to cleaning and mopping we can also be called upon on special occasions when you require helping hands to handle all the extra household work such as preparing for a party or an event. We can help not only in general preparation such as decorating or serving food but also in cleaning up after the event. Often one question troubles a prospective customer and that is the security of their home, especially if the maid service works in their absence. However, this is the responsibility of Bella Maids and we always run a background check on all employees. Moreover, we are insured and bonded taking the liability in the rare case of any mishap.

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