how to clean windows without streaking

The Top 5 Secrets Of Cleaning Windows Without Streaking

Cleaning a window is a task that is best outsourced to your local cleaning contractor, or so, many think. Not anymore! You can ensure stainless windows, mirrors and glass with no streaks (yes, you read this right) using the following five secrets not many know. Read on.

#1: Do not use a lot of cleaning solution.

Streaks primarily appear because you’ve used more detergent than necessary. Experts recommend a spoonful (or two) of detergent in a bucketful of water. If your windows have too much grime, you can squeeze lemons and add a drop of vinegar to the squeegee when you wipe your windows clean. This ensures your windows have no streaks on them at all.

#2: Distilled water is a must.

Cleaning your windows with hard water is not only fruitless but also causes the glass to initially develop streaks and later on, get completely damaged. Use distilled water whenever possible. And in case you’re wondering whether filtered (or purified) water is “distilled”, distilled water is available separately for car battery discharge purposes. Use those bottles to clean your windows and you’ll find no scratches and streaks on the surface.

#3: Newspapers are wonderful squeegees.

Most people seem to use paper napkins and Kleenex tissues to wipe their windows. However, this not only causes streaking but also leaves a line of lint fibre residue behind. If you suddenly find your squeegees missing, you can use a newspaper and can wipe your windows clean. Remember to wear gloves if you don’t want the ink from the newspaper to spread on your palm.

#4: Dry clean to remove tough stains.

Sometimes there are stains on your windows that just refuse to go away. Scrubbing with a cloth or running your brush back and forth won’t help. You must wipe the windows clean as best as you can and later use a dry cloth to further wipe the streaks, coatings and residue away. This way you can remove tough stains and ensure there are no streaks on your window glass.

#5: Vertical wipes are more effective than horizontal wipes.

This advice depends on your windows, your personal preference and the cleaning tools required. Though most homemakers and cleaning professionals do not agree, we recommend vertical wipes when compared to horizontal ones, since it is easier to “wipe down” than “wipe left” or “wipe right”. However, like we told you, if you feel wiping in horizontal strokes is going to make your windows look better, do so. But, give the vertical wipes a chance before you completely decide to rule them out.

Important: Although not very crucial, the time of the day and the season can also be deciding factors for cleaning windows without streaking. For instance, if it’s too windy or the sun is shining directly on your window glass, you’ll end up having streaks. On the contrary, when it’s foggy, cloudy, or your window is in the shade, you could get streak-free glass.

How to clean windows without streaking is a question most people have. In this article, we hope you got to know a few secrets to obtaining streak-free clean window glass. Shoot us a few questions if you feel unsure about something in the process and we’re right here to help you.

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