how to clean garage floors

Concrete garage floors can become dirty and stained from motor oil dripping from your vehicle, paint spills, dirt etc. Thoroughly cleaning garage floors every now and them will make your garage a comfortable place for you and your family. The task of cleaning the garage floors may seem daunting but with the right materials and equipment, the task becomes easy.
The best ways to keep your garage floor clean in by sealing it properly. The concrete floor is rock hard and if it is not sealed, it will turn into a sponge, soaking stains every day. So, it important the concrete floor is sealed and before doing so, it is important that you deep clean the surface dirt.
Equipment for cleaning garages

Rubber gloves
Push brooms
Chemical strippers
All purpose cleaning solution
Cleaning brush with tough bristles
Floor buffing machine
Pressure buffers

How to clean garage floors?
Learning how to clean a garage floor can take some time and effort. Based on how dirty the floor is, there are different methods of cleaning.

Cleaning Loose Material– Start cleaning the, garage of any loose stuff. Dirt and debris can be easily cleaned with a push broom. Start cleaning from the back of the garage and push out the dirt to the front.
Removing old paint– Remove old paint and sealers using a, chemical stripper. Use environmental friendly products like “Franmar”. It is best for removing mastic, old paints etc. These products are costlier than solvents, but are safe for you and the environment.
Cleaning stains– Oil stains are common on garage floors. Small oil stains can be cleaned with degreaser. For larger stains, first treat it with cat litter, which is a natural poultice, it will remove some of the oil. Scrub the oil stain with a degreaser for oil emulsification in the concrete floor, and then apply the cat litter on the degreaser before it dries. If the stains are persistent then use products that are available in the market for stubborn oil stains.
Floor scrubbing– Once the stains are removed, it is time for floor scrubbing. For this, make a solution of 1 part of all-purpose cleaner, 2 parts water and 4 parts ammonia. Pour the mixture in a bucket. Wear rubber gloves and start scrubbing the entire concrete garage floor with this solution, using a good cleaning brush. After you are done scrubbing, do not rinse away the solution immediately, but add new solution and scrub more. When the whole floor is scrubbed, let the solution sit on the floor for 30 minutes, then clean it off. Let the floor dry completely before you use the garage.

When you have scrubbed well, rinse the floor well, and allow it to dry completely, then it is a job well done. You will know this when your garage is dry and looks new. If it is not the case then repeat the cleaning process again. After thoroughly cleaning your garage it should look new, however if it continues to be a problem, then consider painting it with a sealant or paint. Before you start cleaning your garage, consult your local hardware store expert for using proper products to clean your garage. To keep you garage clean from dirt and debris collecting inside, keep the garage door close in spring and fall.

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