How to clean baseboards and crown molding

How to clean baseboards and crown molding

The baseboard is the material that you see running along your walls at floor level. Baseboards can be made out of different materials though wood is the one material that is most used because it is durable and cheap as well as easy to maintain. Baseboards are sometimes made from vinyl.

From time to time, you will find it necessary to clean your baseboards and crown molding. Cleaning them is often a tedious task that takes up a lot of time, which is why it makes sense to ask other members of your family to assist you with the task of cleaning all the baseboards in your home. If you have pets in your home or if there is plenty of fur and hair then it makes sense to clean the baseboards once every week. Otherwise, you can easily put off the task and do it once every fortnight.

The easy way of cleaning baseboards

The easy way of cleaning baseboards involves using Magic Erasers or a similar brand. Be sure to fill up a bucket with warm and soapy water and perhaps add some vinegar to it. Dip a clean piece of cloth in this water and then swipe it across the baseboard. Be sure to wring all the water out of the swipe before wiping the baseboard so that the baseboards do not become too damp to dry. You can also use wood cleaner to clean your wood baseboards.

Clean Wood baseboards

When cleaning wood baseboards makes sure that you do not use any chemicals. Instead, mix a cup full of white vinegar with five gallons of warm water. Take a rag or a swipe and clean the baseboard with it. After that, simply wait till the baseboards have dried up.

Cleaning Vinyl Baseboards

Baseboards made out vinyl are quite common. Vinyl is a nice material because it offers durability and easy maintenance as well as sturdiness. Being non-porous, vinyl does not allow stains to set in though it is prone to developing mildew. To clean your vinyl baseboards you will need to use a good chemical. Adding a cup full of bleach into five gallons of water will create a mixture that you can use to clean your vinyl baseboards. Either uses a chemical or a mix of bleach and water to clean your baseboards.

A somewhat unusual means of cleaning baseboards

A somewhat unusual means of cleaning baseboards requires that you get hold of some cleaning wipes and use them to wipe the baseboards well. This option works best in a small home or when you do not have a lot of time to do the cleaning.

An easy but somewhat unusual method of cleaning baseboards

An easy but somewhat unusual method of cleaning baseboards involves using a box of fabric softener sheets, which along with Swiffer and a swipe will help you clean your baseboards effectively and easily. The fabric softener sheets can do a good job because they have certain dust repellant properties that will help remove dust from your baseboards.

The dry technique

If your baseboards are not too grimy then you can clean your baseboards by simply dusting them. Be sure to use proper tools for this job. At the very least, use a min-handheld broom and if that is not available then use a clean paintbrush. Sweep the baseboards with these tools and once you are done, just vacuum the floors so that all hair and dust gets sucked away.

Use an old sock

You can use any old sock to clean your baseboards. Before you use the sock, be sure to put a disposable toilet wand into it. Next, spray some cleaning liquid on the sock. The ideal cleaning liquid is one that contains soft soap and vinegar as well as some water or wood cleaner (for wood baseboards). Swipe the baseboard with the sock and watch how well it cleans your baseboards.

A very effective option

Take a dry brush and use it to dust off the dust from the baseboard. Next, take a wet piece of cloth and dip it in soap. Take a few cotton swabs and use them to clean those corners, which are hard to reach and clean.

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