how to clean an electric oven

When you deep clean your kitchen you need to scrub your oven clean too. Regular cleaning of the electric oven keeps it in good condition, improves the life span, gives your kitchen a tidy look, and prevents your kitchen from smelling bad. When you regularly clean the electric oven it will save you a lot of time and energy in maintaining the oven. To prevent the tedious chore once in a year divide the cleaning process into daily or monthly cleaning process.
Things necessary for electric oven cleaning
The inside and the exteriors of an oven need to be cleaned. Use the following things to clean an electric oven.

Fume free oven cleaner
Warm water
Soap pads
Rubber gloves
Paper towels
Dish soap
Sponge with two surfaces; scratchy and soft


Single edge razor blade to remove the burnt spatter from the window.
Putty knife to scrape of all the junk
Scrub pads

Cleaning procedure
Some ovens have the self clean option, if the one you own is a self cleaning oven then all you need to do is close the oven door and select the self clean option and the oven does the cleaning job. When the cleaning is completed you just have to remove the food in the bottom of the oven.
If you oven is not self-cleaning then it is your duty to manually do the job. Remove the pans, cookie sheets, tin foil etc from the inside of the oven. Heat the oven at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for 2-3 minutes and turn off the oven. Fill a bowl with ½ cup ammonia in the top shelf of the oven and a large pan of boiling water in the bottom shelf and leave it overnight.
The next morning take the ammonia bowl and water pan and leave the oven door open to let air enter the oven. . Remove the racks from the oven and soak them in the sink filled with warm water and ½ cup ammonia for 15-20 minutes.
Wear rubber gloves and start the cleaning procedure. Remove all the food crumbs that have fallen inside the oven with paper towel or cloth and throw it in the dust bin. After all the loose crumbs are cleaned, take a bowl of 1-quarter water and add 1 tsp liquid dish soap. Dip the sponge in the mixture, squeeze the excess and clean the insides. If there is, any stubborn, dirt and grease scrub it gently with the scratchy surface of the sponge with gentle circular movements.
When 15 minutes of soaking the racks is done, clean them properly and wipe them with a dry cloth and place them back in the oven and close the door.
Once the interiors are cleaned it is time to clean the exterior of the electric oven. Use all-purpose kitchen cleaner, spray some of it on the sides of the oven and clean with a paper towel. The front glass portion of the oven needs to be cleaned with glass cleaner or make mixture constituting of rubbing alcohol, vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:1:2 respectively. Dip a paper towel in the mixture and wipe the front glass clean.

Now clean the top of the electric oven with a sponge soaked in vinegar. Wipe the top of the oven and the hot plates with the sponge. Take another clean sponge dip it in water and clean the top of the oven again. Once it is clean completely dry it with a clean cloth.
Tips and Warnings  Never use harsh abrasives or scouring pads to clean the electric ovens as they damage the special lining. It is best to use baking soda and warm water to manually clean the oven.
Regularly clean the oven to avoid making it a strenuous chore by cleaning it once in a month or so. Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning the oven.
Use only fumeless oven cleaners
Keep the children away when you are cleaning the electric oven.

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