4 Best ways to keep your home dust free

Earth is a dusty planet and we can do absolutely nothing to change that. However, we can take steps to make sure our homes are clean and free from harmful dust particles. That’s right, dust can be harmful to your electronics, furniture, and most importantly health. Dust contains a type of microscopic insect commonly known as dust mites. These tiny creatures have an appetite for fabric and dead skin. If that doesn’t seem so dangerous, dust mites produce an allergen called Guanine. Prolonged exposure to this substance can cause allergic conditions such as asthma. This makes dusting one of the most important chores around the house to ensure the health and safety of your loved ones. From expensive vacuum cleaners to simple microfiber cloths, there are no shortages of tools when it comes dusting your house. However, all these options can easily confuse you making you wonder which one is the best and the most effective. To put an end to all dusting controversy and debate, we bring you our list of 4 best ways to dust your entire house.




Let’s start with understanding why you need microfiber cloths in the first place. Before this revolutionary cloth came along people used to use disposable paper towels to clean furniture, wipe tables, and get rid of dust off television screens. Some people even use these towels to this very day. Now, the problem with paper towel is that they have fabric softeners in them. This means when you are dusting there is a high chance of spreading fabric softener residue all over your household. On the other hand, if the towels don’t contain any softener they can easily break up leaving behind tiny fiber particles. This is where the microfiber comes in as the best everyday dusting tool. How is microfiber cloth different from ordinary cloth when it comes to cleaning? Well, the answer lies in the name. Microfiber cloths contain tiny fibers. These fibers are smaller in size and more in number compared to the ones found in ordinary cloth. The reason why these tiny fibers are great for cleaning dust is that they attach themselves to tiny pieces of dust particles instead of shoving the particles away. What this means is the dust particles stick to the fibers rather than being airborne and settling somewhere else in the house. The reason we kept microfiber at the top of our list is because it’s very versatile tool. Apart from dust it can easily take on numerous cleaning jobs. These cloths are also specially designed to works on a variety of different surfaces from walls and electronics to furniture and glass.


How To Use A Microfiber?

Using microfiber cloth is so simple that anyone can do it without any trouble. Following are a set of steps that can help you get the best result every time you use a microfiber.


Make sure the microfiber is absolutely dry.


Fold the cloth depending on its size and the area you want to clean.


Gently wipe the surfaces you want to clean.


After you finish dusting, go outside and rinse the cloth to wash off all the dust.






When it comes to dusting there are several tools that can get the job done. However, sometimes you come across delicate surfaces such as ornamental gift items that are simply hard to clean. There are many gift items and showpieces that have intricate detailing in them. They look great when you get them but after a while they start gathering dust. Thanks to minute detailing, these surfaces can be pretty hard to clean using conventional methods. This is exactly when you need to convert your makeup brush into a cleaning tool. If you don’t have a makeup brush you can also use a small paintbrush to get the same effect.


How To Use A Paintbrush Or A Makeup Brush To Clean Intricate Ornaments And Showpieces?

Brushing the dust off using a brush may sound like a simple enough chore but there are few things you need to keep in mind.


Take a clean brush that’s free of any chemical, paint or any residue.


Spray the brush with a little bit of water.


Start dusting the top section of the item first then slowly move down and dust the bottom section.



Keeping your home’s air ducts and vents clean is a great preventive method to reduce the amount of dust. This is simply because the air sucked in through these vents and distributed around the house. Now if the ducts are excessively dusty the air that’s pumped through will carry these particles and spread it all around the house. Don’t be fooled, following this step will not ensure you have a dust free home. Dust will still make it into your home through open windows and doors. What this will do, however, is reduce the total inflow of dust allowing you to clean less frequently.


How To Properly Clean Air Ducts And Vents?


The great thing about this is that you don’t really need to clean the vents every few days. All you need to do is clean the vents once every year. If you are doing it yourself you would need a high-powered vacuum cleaner, a cleaning brush, a broom, and a screwdriver.


Turn the air conditioning system off.


Using the screwdriver uncover all the duct covers.


Go outside and use the brush to clean all the dust off the covers.


Vacuum the ducts including the corners and crevices.


Lastly clean the vents that are attached to the ceiling using the broom.



When it comes to keeping your home dust free a good quality vacuum cleaner is an indispensable tool. This is because a vacuum cleaner sucks all the dirt in rather than spreading it around. Modern day cleaners also come with numerous attachments that can help you clean anything from floors to tricky corners. Vacuum cleaners are certainly not new. They have been around for more than a decade proving itself to be one of the best cleaning tools of all time. However, not many people know the proper way of using the tool. Take a look at how you can use these great machines to get the best cleaning result.


What Are The Proper Techniques Of Using A Vacuum Cleaner?

There is no point in going over the details of how a vacuum cleaner works. Instead following are some of the most effective practices that help get the most out of your machine.


Make sure to gather all the loose items before you start cleaning. This will prevent them to be sucked in by the cleaner and cause trouble later on. It’s also best to clean the filter and dust bag before you start. This is because, if left un-cleaned, they often hamper the performance of the machine.


Clean the carpet properly to clean the dust build up. Most people just up and down once with the cleaners and think their carpet is clean. However, according to studies it takes 8 up and down movements to clean each section of the carpet. This is why it’s important to spend time on your carpet every time you clean with a vacuum cleaner.


When cleaning hard floors, clear the floor attachment wheels of any debris that may snag and hamper the smooth movement.

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